Orangefield Fund Services (Columbus)

Orangefield Group

The Orangefield Group provides professional services globally to a diverse client base with more than 40 years of experience.  Whether in management, accounting, trust, estate planning, real estate, or fund administration, we are a partner who will work with you to understand your needs and exceed your expectations. 

At Orangefield, we operate in an entrepreneurial environment and believe our professional, yet pragmatic, approach combined with quick turnaround, are an essential part of our services.  Our teams of highly motivated professionals, from around the globe, are anxious to familiarize themselves with the challenges and create tailor-made solutions. Servicing Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, international private equity firms, venture capital and real estate managers, wealth managers, private banks and high net worth individuals, we operate closely with our customers' financial and legal advisors, creating a strong brand.

We appreciate the importance of our independence. Our global footprint enables us to offer seamless cross-border solutions with one Orangefield point of contact. Orangefield Group's size enables us to offer a full range of services while providing the highest level of quality, yet flexibility allows us to take a personal approach. 

For more information please visit:

North America

888 Seventh Avenue
5th Floor
New York, NY 10106
T: (+1) 212 500 6200
F: (+1) 212 500 6201

2501 N. Harwood
Suite 2000
Dallas, TX 75201
T: (+1) 214 635 4500
F: (+1) 214 635 4501

150 Consumers Road
Suite 400
Toronto, ON M2J 1P9
T: (+1) 416 499 9600
F: (+1) 416 499 9601